There are two partners in the restructuring team: Olivier Debeine and Jean-François Carreras. They are assisted by a team of associates with experience in restructuring and M&A.

The team provides advice at all stages of prevention and handling processes, out-of-court settlements and court proceedings, both through advice and litigation.

Our clientele is essentially made up of French mid-caps, along with court appointed agents and receivers and French and international creditors.

The M&A team works alongside the restructuring team on all aspects of equity and debt reorganisation.

Thanks to its experience and responsiveness, the team is able to provide clients with highly personalised advice that is focused on their industries. We work in French and English.

We have acted on a number of major matters and are regularly called on to advise on complex or international restructuring.



Insolvency, Law firm and leading lawyer rankings – April 2021


CBR & Associés is praised for its ability to accurately assess situations its and agility in leading negotiation. Headed by Olivier Debeine, the team provides “excellent work” that “mitigates potential risks”.


Insolvency, Law firm and leading lawyer rankings – April 2020


The team is made up of all excellent professionals, solidly trained and always available. Team members always listen to their clients’ requirements and always find a solution in a very short time.’
‘The team shows good judgement on decisions to be made which minimizes potential risks.’
‘Olivier Debeine demonstrates rigour and know-how in his analysis, and provides accurate recommendations. He has perfect knowledge of his field and mastering of procedures.’


Décideurs Réorganisations et Restructurations – March 2020


We are ranked in the “Excellent” section as counsels to mid-cap group or shareholders and in the “Excellent” section as counsels to Insolvency Trustees.


Décideurs juridiques 2018 :

Le cabinet est recommandé dans le domaine du restructuring.
We are ranked in the “level 1 high notoriety” section as counsels to mid-cap group or shareholders and in the “Excellent” section as counsels to Insolvency Trustees.



Out of Court Settlement


  • Amicable discussions and arrangements
  • Debt restructuring, investment or sale under confidential amicable processes overseen by a Court Appointed Professional



  • Complex Asset Sales
  • Disqualification of Directors Litigation, Civil Claim against Directors
  • Dispute Related to Liabilities of third parties in the default

In-Court Processes


  • After auditing, and working jointly with specialized accounting professionals, determination and planning of the open options. Advice and support with respect to discussions with Investors, Suppliers and Creditors
  • Building and advocating the reorganization plan
  • Specific disputes: opposition to the opening of the bankruptcy proceedings, claim for repossession, lodged claims dispute, disputes regarding the confirmation of the plan by the Court
  • Acquiring businesses or assets from a distressed or bankrupt entity